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We are advisors, strategists and investors. Big thinkers, Detail fanatics. We are specialists delivering you the resources of a global powerhouse. Each one of us is dedicated to working with you, one-on-one, when and how you need us. We help you define, refine, and achieve the goals you set for your life, your family, your community – and the world. East Pacific Bank Private Bank gives you world class expertise and tools to help you lead an impactful financial life.

Signature Cities

Large-scale investments in cities around the world where the conditions are right for success and broader, deeper investments are needed to drive inclusive growth.

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Since 1937

International Trusts

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Since 1937

East Pacific Bank was originally a private trust company in Switzerland in 1937.


Listen on the Go to Lottie D Lopez 2019 Letter to Shareholders.Listen to Chairman & CEO, Lottie D Lopez most recent Annual Letter to Shareholders, anytime, anywhere.

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The S&P 500 closed at a record high on Thursday on optimism over a US fiscal stimulus deal and positive news on COVID-19 vaccines.

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