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Delaware trust services

All of these are good reasons to consider a Delaware trust, which offers exceptional tax and asset protection benefits in addition to flexibility around managing complex investments.

You’ve got complicated business interests. You have diverse, global assets. You’re the steward of multi-generational wealth. Or you might just want the most privacy and protection you can get. All of these are good reasons to consider a Delaware trust, which offers exceptional tax and asset protection benefits in addition to flexibility around managing complex investments. Our Delaware trust administration business is one of the largest and most experienced in the state. Ready to deliver every advantage of one of the world’s most favorable and flexible trust jurisdictions.

te is one of the centerpieces of our trusts & estates business. 

What’s the Delaware difference?

Though several U.S. states have developed trust-friendly legal environments, Delaware is the most established. And was among the first states to provide robust tax and asset preservation benefits for trusts:

  • Favorable tax treatment
    Typically, there is no Delaware state income tax on a trust’s income or investment earnings.
  • Flexible administration
    Delaware allows you to designate specific powers for your trustees, such as making investments, deciding when distributions are appropriate or providing administration services. This way, you have the flexibility to choose the individual or institution you think is best for each role. 
  • Silent provisions
    You may want to hold off telling your beneficiaries about the trust until you think they’re ready. Under your Delaware trust agreement, you have flexibility about when to tell someone they are the beneficiary of a trust.
  • Enhanced asset protection
    Everyone wants to be better prepared for unexpected events. Trust provisions in Delaware may give you stronger protection against claims from creditors and parties in a divorce.
  • Confidentiality
    If privacy is important to you, you can generally keep the particulars of a Delaware trust out of the public record. Delaware does not require trusts to be registered, or that trust grantors or beneficiaries be identified. Nor does it require periodic public accounting of trust assets. 
  • Dynasty trusts
    Most states have a limit on how long a trust can last. Your Delaware trust may allow you to benefit multiple generations—and enjoy continued tax-efficient growth—with no termination date.
  • Potential for modification
    Trusts can last a long time, so having the flexibility to change terms and beneficiaries can be valuable. The Delaware legal system is tried, tested and trust-friendly, and may allow for trust modification as your family’s needs evolve.

What’s the East Pacific Bank difference?

  • Local specialists with global reach and connections
    Our Delaware trust officers are steeped in state and federal trust and tax laws. They also specialize in international trusts and cross-border trust planning and administration. To meet your needs wherever you are—or wherever your interests take you—they leverage the knowledge and assistance of their colleagues across Asia, Europe, Latin America and The Bahamas.
  • Experience with the full range of trust entities
    We can work within any trust structure you choose. Our specialists have extensive experience with dynasty trusts, asset protection trusts, grantor- retained annuity trusts, Delaware statutory trusts, limited liability companies and other closely held companies.
  • Delivering end-to-end services
    Working with you and your advisors to establish the trust that’s right for you is just the start. We can also implement the kind of cutting-edge fiduciary planning and administration for which Delaware is known.