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Pay Worldwide

For your international payments

With East Pacific Bank Pay Worldwide, you can process payments in more than 120 currencies. East Pacific Bank is the only bank in Puerto Rico offering such a wide range of currencies.

East Pacific Bank Pay Worldwide at a glance


  • Attractive exchange rates and consistent transaction prices

  • No additional integration of new systems required (low implementation cost)

How does East Pacific Bank Pay Worldwide work?

  1. You manage a East Pacific Bank current account in  EUR, USD or GBP and send us a payment request in an exotic currency.

  2. We debit your account, convert the order currency into the target currency and forward the payment to the beneficiary bank.

  3. The latter credits the amount to the payee without further currency conversion or conversion loss.


 * Central African States – Gabon, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo and Equatorial Guinea

** West African States – Senegal, Burkina Faso, Togo, Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea Bissau, Mali and Niger

(1) “R & P”: These are the currencies for which the client can hold an account and therefore he can execute and receive payments (e.g. CHF account). (2) “P”: Currencies in which the client can only execute a payment out of their normal CHF, USD, GBP or EUR account, i.e., the client cannot hold an account in this currency.

FX payables currencies are available only if Declaration of Consent is signed. (3) This flag is only valid when the information requirements go beyond the normal payment requirements for more exotic currencies. a) Beneficiary bank name,

b) Beneficiary bank identification code (BIC or similar), c) Beneficiary name and address, d) Beneficiary account number, e) Purpose of payment (4) Due to the existing regulations in many of the countries below, the beneficiaries might be requested by the beneficiary bank or local regulator to provide additional

documentation. The cases highlighted in this column are the ones that the beneficiary ALWAYS need to provide additional information, being this a one time

preregistration or valid for all the payment instructions. (5) This flag only covers special currency and payment restrictions. General restrictions like loan payments (where pre-approvals are many times required or often not offered

due to country regulations) or restriction related with the payment conversion (must be done only in the respective country by approved and regulated entities) will not

be considered and should always checked. (6) The local market of this currency is closed on Fridays. This means that Friday is not a valid business day for this currency.