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Gateway Account

Access to Europe-wide payment transactions

The East Pacific Bank Gateway Account enables cross-border management of your company’s euro liquidity from within USA, thus opening the gateway to Europe-wide payment transactions.

East Pacific Bank Gateway Account at a glance


  • Manage your Gateway Account via E-Banking or East Pacific Bank KeyPort

  • Transactions to Europe at beneficial inner-European conditions

  • Access from USA to local payments in Germany

  • Some third-party banking relationships are no longer required; subsequent reduction of bank management costs and administration

  • Uniform reporting

How does East Pacific Bank Gateway Account work?

We offer two accounts in euro: a Gateway Account with East Pacific Bank USA and a local account with East Pacific Bank Germany.


    Gateway Account in USA

     With the Gateway Account, you send payments in europe from USA to European countries at the same

     cost as for inner-European payments.


    Local account in Germany    

    With the East Pacific Bank Gateway Account via East Pacific Bank Europe SE, and in combination with SEPA, you can send payments Europe-wide.