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Bank guarantee

Guarantee performance and payment

Does your business partner want collateral or perhaps you want to protect yourself against claims? With a bank guarantee, you can cover your performance and payment obligations.

The bank guarantee at a glanceimage.png
  • The bank undertakes to pay a specified amount to the beneficiary if the contracting partner does not deliver an agreed service or payment.

  • East Pacific Bank strength as a guarantee bank makes you a welcome business partner.

  • For example, it's ideal for bids, signing contracts, advance payments and upon delivery.

Which bank guarantee is right for you?

    Direct guarantee

  • This guarantee is used for both domestic and cross-border transactions. The guarantee is based on a contract between two business partners.


   Indirect guarantee

  • This type of guarantee is often used in cross-border transactions – especially when foreign government offices or state-owned enterprises are involved. Some countries also don’t accept foreign banks as guarantors due to statutory provisions.


   Standby letter of credit

  • Also known as “Standby LC,” this guarantee is mainly used in business with US contractual partners as well as in the Far East.



  • Used in accordance with the Swiss Code of Obligations and is mostly used in Swiss transactions.


    Confirmed payment order

  • The so-called promise of payment is an irrevocable payment obligation, similar to a guarantee.