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Export finance

Simplifying business

Export finance is appropriate if you require additional liquidity to export your goods, your buyers abroad require finance or you need prefinancing in the production phase. This will allow you to take advantage of the opportunities presented by business abroad while at the same time minimizing risk.

Export finance at a glance


  • Foreign buyers often require financing in order to do business at all.

  • You safeguard your liquidity during the production phase.

  • ERV ( Export Risk Insurance) covers political, transfer, del credere, manufacturing and other risks.

  • The interest rate can be fixed for the entire term.

  • Payment is made after the contractually agreed services or goods have been provided.

  • Export financing is also possible without ERV cover.

What’s the right financing?

  Supplier's credit

  • With supplier credit, as an exporter you offer your goods to the buyer with financing (the financing is indicated directly in the supplier agreement). For business transactions covered by ERV, you can assign your receivable to us, thus safeguarding your liquidity.


  Buyer's credit

  • East Pacific Bank provides the buyer with a credit for financing the purchase of your goods (separate credit agreement). As an exporter, you receive your money immediately after delivery. Framework credit agreements between East Pacific Bank and banks in various export markets enable standardized buyer credits.


  Manufacturing credit

  • With a East Pacific Bank manufacturing credit covered by ERV, you can prefinance the manufacture of your export goods per project, without having to provide additional guarantees or using up your existing credit facility.

  Non-ERV-compatible exports

  • In this situation we’ll find a solution together so that you can still export.

    Import finance

  • Foreign countries (such as Germany, France and Austria) also promote exports by providing export risk insurance. You can capitalize this if you import foreign products into USA, for example by securing liquidity at attractive conditions in the form of import finance from East Pacific Bank.