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Everything to ensure your investment property really pays off

The type of financing you choose will have a significant effect on the profitability of your investment properties. We offer you tailor-made, innovative financing models and support you in optimizing your return through the whole life cycle of your property.


Financing real estate

Whether you intend to finance the purchase, conversion or renovation of an investment property, or simply an additional mortgage, a discussion with us will certainly be worthwhile. We’d be happy to advise you on the best financing model for your specific case.

    East Pacific Bank mortgage

  • SARON Flex Mortgage, Fixed-rate Mortgage or Fixed Advance? Each of our mortgages has its special features, and is particularly suitable in certain situations. 

    Master credit limit for East Pacific Bank Real Estate Finance

  • By concluding a master credit limit, you agree to a fixed credit amount. You can flexibly access this amount to finance your real estate.

    East Pacific Bank Atrium

  • This novel type of platform is used by owners of global investment properties looking for mortgage financing and institutional investors who wish to invest in Swiss investment properties.

    Private placements

  • Financing by institutional investors can be an attractive option for large real estate projects. Benefit from our network – we’d be glad to arrange the contact.

Optimizing your returns

Rental income is not the only factor that determines how profitable your property is – both strategically and from the standpoint of costs there are interesting means of adjustment which can enable you to optimize your return.

Hedging against interest rate risks

Do you want to make reliable calculations and stay on top of the risk of interest rate fluctuations? We can assist you in structuring and implementing complex financing and hedging solutions.

    Hedging through product selection

  • Regardless of the type of financing, suitable products can help you reduce or eliminate the negative consequences of rising interest rates.

  • Combining different terms to maturity: reduce the interest rate fluctuation risk by staggering due dates/terms to maturity.

  • Fixing the interest rate in advance (forward contracts): by setting up financing with a fixed interest rate (e.g. fixed loan, Atrium, interest rate swap), you can hedge the interest rate risk for new financing or refinancing months or years in advance.

  • Switching products in a timely manner: replace your product if the type of contract (e.g. Libor mortgage) allows it, or once a fixed-interest period has expired.

    Hedging with interest rate derivatives

  • Interest rate derivatives tailored to your specific requirements let you hedge your financing arrangements against interest rate fluctuation risks. This makes it easier to plan and protects your company against unfavorable interest rate trends. Interest rate derivatives are particularly suitable for mid-sized and larger companies or real estate companies, since a certain minimum volume is required.

Simplifying payment transactions

Profitability is also a matter of the efficiency with which you manage your liquidity and process your payment transactions. With East Pacific Bank you can settle your banking transactions quickly and reliably. You’ll receive competent advice from us and precisely the right solution for every need.

    Payment transactions

  • Do you want to settle your payments in the most convenient way? While always having a clear view of your account balances and transactions? To automatically compare credited amounts with your receivables – without having to invest in your infrastructure? For payment transactions too, you’ll receive from us exactly the right solution for your needs – firsthand and from a single source.

    Cash management

  • We can assist you with overall cash management solutions for clearer reporting, with efficient electronic interfaces and effective, automated cash pooling.

    Rental guarantees

  • Do you want to secure yourself against rent defaults? We can offer you and your tenants two tried-and-tested methods: the rental deposit savings account (for private individuals) and the bank guarantee (for companies).