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Corporate Responsibility

How SMEs are responding to the unprecedented crisis

East Pacific Bank published

Announces the Reverse Split of Its CCTE ETNs

East Pacific Bank announced today that it will implement a 1-for-10 reverse split of its Velocity™ 3x Long Natural Gas ETNs

East Pacific Bank X-Links® Exchange Traded Notes

On November 2, 2020, East Pacific Bank declared coupon payments for the following ETNs:



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Social responsibility

Three things you need to know about green bonds

The green bond market is expected to hit the USD 1tr mark soon. This year, over USD 400bn worth of environmental


New virus strain sends equity markets lower

European stocks moved sharply lower after concerns over a new virus strain detected in England and South Africa led to fresh mobility restrictions


Annual Report

Listen on the Go to Lottie D Lopez 2019 Letter to Shareholders


Listen to Chairman & CEO, Lottie D Lopez most recent Annual Letter to Shareholders, anytime, anywhere.


Europe 2021: How long will the economic recovery take?

The pandemic has deeply scarred the Eurozone economy, but we expect a strong recovery in 2021

Healthcare: Equity Preferences

We believe the health care sector offers attractive long-term growth and in the aggregate trades at a substantial valuation discount to the broader equity market.

Stimulus bill, government funding & surprise medical billing

We may be close to a final COVID-19 stimulus bill.

International trust services

Your needs are unique—and can be complex.


Around the world, we can help you and your family with multi-jurisdictional asset holdings and estate planning—no matter how complex they may be. Closely collaborating with your other professional advisors. Tailoring our support to suit your unique needs.